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Ranch Holidays

Whether a novice rider, wish to perfect your equine skills or are seeking a traditional cowboy experience, we feature a collection of hand-picked ranches to showcase the different types of accommodation and locations available across North America. For experienced riders seeking a hands on approach, a working ranch where guests are involved in the day to day duties of the operation will offer the most authentic experience. Alternatively, resort ranches offer a more comfortable alternative with luxurious accommodation, fine dining and some simple riding. The final two types of ranch accommodation are dude and guest ranches. There are many similarities between them and both sit somewhere between a working and resort ranch. Both offer a good mixture of riding and ranch activities, however, guest ranches tend to be more informal with horses often the only livestock whilst dude ranches provide a broader range of activities to cater for a wider audience. We will be delighted to match your interests and requirements to the right ranch.

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Ranch Holiday Experts

We have many years' experience in creating tailor-made ranch holidays in America and Canada. Whether it’s matching your riding ability to the most suitable ranch or adding in a camp-out ride under the stars, we have all the inside knowledge and expertise when planning this type of holiday.

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