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We pride ourselves on honest pricing. When we’re able to pass additional savings on to a client then we will do. Our special offers page includes exclusive promotions and savings that may help give that ‘extra’ inspiration to visit some of our incredible destinations.


Lucie's special offer

Really special offer

Lucie is great at special offers

Lucie is great at special offers

Lucie is great at special offers

Lucie is great at special offers

Lucie is great at special offers

Lucie is great at special offers

Lucie is great at special offers

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8 day group tour, includes flights, hotel, guided sightseeing & special culinary experiences
From £3995 per person

Exclusive and luxurious small group tour of Rajasthan with acclaimed Michelin-starred chef, Atul Kochhar. The tour will incorporate special food-focused walks, expert cookery demonstrations and memorable meals at some of India’s finest restaurants, all in the company of Atul Kochhar.

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This is a test offer
per person

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Another test offer

This is another test offer
From £200,79 per person

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Complimentary 2 night hotel stay in Venice
From £724 per person, including flights, 5 night hotel stay, car hire and opera tickets

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3 night hotel stay & international flights
From £625 per person

This exciting short break includes a memorable 1 night stay in a freshly-built ice room in the ICEHOTEL and 2 nights in cosy warm chalet accommodation for the rest of the stay. Breakfast, thermal clothing and morning sauna included.

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Terms and Conditions:

Each special offer may be subject to specific terms and conditions which are clearly displayed below.

All offers are based on two people sharing unless otherwise stated

Offer 1) No T&Cs

Offer 2) The tour will be accompanied by Atul Kochhar together with the full time services of a tour manager (whilst in India) and the services of local English-speaking guides. The tour includes return international flights from London to India with Virgin Atlantic and internal flights using Air India, train travel between Delhi and Agra, transfers by air-conditioned coach, hotel accommodation, sightseeing and entrance fees. Special culinary experiences and meals are as specified in the detailed tour itinerary.

Offer 3) This is a test

Offer 4) No T&Cs

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Offer 6) Opera and wine lovers are sure to love this winning city break combination taking in the spectacular Danube Valley. During this 3 night break you will discover the delightful city of Vienna, experience a memorable opera performance as well as taking a day out to discover the picturesque countryside and beautiful vineyards in Austria’s renowned Wachau Valley.

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